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Why Invest in Bullion Gold?

  • Best performing asset class
    Gold has outperformed almost every other asset class for over a century and is again predicted to be the best performing investment of this decade

  • A hedge against inflation
    With continued quantitative easing (money printing) the prospect of ever increasing inflation is causing fear. Gold has always beat inflation

  • Beats any savings account
    High street banks are now offering the lowest rates on savings in living memory. In real terms, cash in the bank is being constantly devalued

  • Gold is a real, tangible asset
    Gold is real, physical and tangible. In this way it is unlike most major forms of investment which has made it universally attractive

  • Gold is a store of wealth
    Gold has for centuries been a store of wealth. It has always kept its value and in fact consistently increased in value historically and always will

  • Gold is a safe haven asset
    Gold has always been viewed as a safe haven asset and most attractive in times of financial turmoil and market volatility – times such as now

  • TAX – free investments
    All UK gold bullion coins and bars are VAT free for non-VAT registered private individuals. In addition to this, our UK gold coins are also exempt from Capital Gains Tax for UK residents.